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BS - Close Your Eyes BS - Close Your Eyes

Rated 5 / 5 stars

So peaceful

Little long of an intro, but the piano and it's melody definitely made up for that, because I didn't want the mood to end.

Some tips: I would add some percussion every few bars or so just to spice it up and make it not so repetitive. Some crashes, backward ones too, with reverb and delay would be perfect for this.

Other than that, this song is beautiful, keep it up!

Also do me a favor please :D I just finished a trance track called Ticking away, check it out if you get a chance and please give some criticism :) Thanks! en/442960 (remove underscore)

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FortyMedals responds:

thank you for the tips and the kind comment,i do think the intro is long myself, i will have to edit it and fix it, thank you so much and i will check yours out too !

EN - Save Our Love EN - Save Our Love

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Excellent vocal mix

I really enjoy the way the voice mixes in with the track. A little opinion of mine though as a trance fan: at 3:00 and past when the vocals are alone with the hat playing every odd bar, I myself would add something to spice it up just a little bit. Maybe a slow paced drum beat even.

Anyway, great piece! I enjoyed it. Check out some of my 2011 Trance WIP's! I'll also be taking a look at Europhic nation. Looks like something of interest ^_^

Envisage123 responds:

Thank you so much for the review! The sad thing is that although the piece is finished, it's never perfect :P. I could have added so much more to make this track to make it even more epic!

I appreciate the review!

Alternate Dimensions ~FNG~ Alternate Dimensions ~FNG~

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Killer Bassline

Excellent composition overall. I like your choice of melody progressions. They really carry out emotion the way that I love.

I enjoy the bassline that starts right from the beginning, it's filled with energy.

I wish I could give more advise, but I'm tired and my brain isn't functioning the way I wish it was xD.

Anyway, great song again, and if you get a chance, check out some of my 2011 Trance WIP's!

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Omnivore responds:

Yeah, No prob! And Thanks!

SpaceStation Wreckage SpaceStation Wreckage

Rated 5 / 5 stars

xD :D

This song just made my night :P

Thermometer responds:

wow thankyou good sir :P xD

[RF] Chaoz Fantazy REMIX [RF] Chaoz Fantazy REMIX

Rated 5 / 5 stars


Very powerful, lots of energy. Great choice of synths. Also, I'm back! I have a new computer now

RMP - Quadrilli RMP - Quadrilli

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Right on

Diggin' your lyrics. Smooth flow.

As said before, and will probably be said again, you really need to master this.
If you could cap off certain frequencies when the bass kicks in. It may not be noticable on cheap speakers, but on my HQ headphones I can hear your voice being taken over by the bass.
Now on my big speakers the bass is overpowering. I don't know if you re-did the instrumental, (if u didn't then nevermind what I'm about to say), but if you did lower the bass when you're rapping. Just a suggestion!

Keep it up

Take off every Zig (WiP) Take off every Zig (WiP)

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars


at 1:27, the synth that kicks in has a familliar tone to it... Heard it on an archive site for video game music, Zero Wing - Natols
It's a great song, have a listen : /sega/_genesis/Natols.mid (just remove underscores)

Mau5mate - Crawling[demo] Mau5mate - Crawling[demo]

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Holy Smokes what a surprise!

Decided to check you out after you reviewed one of my tunes... and my goodness I'm glad I did!

I love the synth used throughout the song, gives such mood - unravels such emotion!

Little distorted around 0:55, 1:44, etc. No big deal, just some miner EQ/Mastering issues.

Can't wait to hear the full version. Send me a PM when its done

Ps, is this also done by another artist? I've heard of a guy named deadmau5, but I've never bothered to look into him.

Keep It up

D-Chain responds:

thanks patrick!!!
finally a usefull review, with all the respect to the others ofcourse.

itll take some while to finish it, but ill def gonna pm you when this is completed.

and yet some minor distortion in the overall but ill try to get it smoothier.

and yet this 'kind' of house-style could also be mastered by deadmau5 and other great artists.
usually i would prefer Dmau5, but the more i diggg into it the more artists.

and no this song isnt done by another artist .. not that i know off.
i suggest you look into Dmau5 some time..
take care and also goodluck in the future!

`-' Timo

[Zerest] Starlit Sky [Zerest] Starlit Sky

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Quite dancable especially when -

- on extacy!

Digging the chords you chose to lay the song upon. Sound nice

Little repeatative toward the end

Suggestion if you're planning on extending: swap the song around a bit - add something new, a new sound or new layout completely.

Keep it up tho!

steven-mcl responds:

Yeah, I've been thinking about extending it and I can't get anything going for it. So I think I might scrap that idea for later on. Anyway, thanks for the rating. :D

- Zerest

Thinking In Prison Thinking In Prison

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

My review

Not bad... Considering I see that you're fairly new in the music business. However, you my friend have some originality going here. Though this is not electronic, I bet you could add a swing to this!
If you wanted to get more into electronic, then you should start with your basic dance loops.
Start out with your kick, hi-hats, claps, etc.
Add your Synths: Plucks, leads, pads, bass, strings, etc.
Play around a bit with notes that sound good when played together! It may take time, and it may look like you're going nowhere, but when you find something that's just right, it can be made a masterpiece.

Xarosas responds:

Thx alot dude but the sad thing is that I only have the fl9 demo
But when I buy the full version I'll be sure to work on this a bit
Thx again for the review