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Well, I just wanted to tell people who seem disappointed in each of my recent WIP's (and upcoming as well), who think they are all too short, that I make them short on purpose. For reasons such as practicing my introduction basses, sounds, FX, pads, / whatever I can find to make them sound better. That's why I send up so many different WIP's. For Practice - that's why I use newgrounds and ask for reviews.
Soon enough however, I will progress the time and practice toward the breakdown portion of songs, then the release, outro, etc.

Keep your eyes open - I've had some technical difficulty with FL, that I don't really want to waste time describing again. Hopefully I'll get that fixed soon, then continue improving what skills I want to improve. :)

Some Trance Songs: STOLEN?

2010-05-30 14:54:29 by Absolix

So as the title says, some of the trance songs I have posted (Preferably the full mixes), were downloaded and sold illegally as albums.

The tracks were found in an unknown album, keep your eyes open for Mental Expedition, Universes Beyond, and Others.

I may upload them in the future

Fuckin theives eh

The "Trance" Era

2010-05-09 17:55:15 by Absolix

My trance era has finally come!

I will be spending all of my time performing trance songs with my studio, and I'll be dedicating all of my skill on to constant trance skill building.

Keep your heads up for my future songs, and please drop an artist review, so that I can get to the point I wish to achieve :).

hi o.o

2009-07-13 22:13:18 by Absolix

hi n stuff o.o

About me

2009-07-13 00:11:39 by Absolix

My name's like {tj}Marshall, and stuff.

Most people look at my work and say: "dude you hack".
Well not really.
Besides, I am a failure

As you may have noticed: My prominent Genre is Techno, Happy Hardcore
Back on track. I am a male, who enjoys making music with his co-workers. The stuff I post on Newgrounds is simply quick compositions, or ; Tests. Simply tests of melody's, Etc.

Hope you enjoy my work, please dont say I hack either. thanks :D