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Upcoming WIP's - Reason Following Track Shortness?

2010-07-19 13:08:15 by Absolix

Well, I just wanted to tell people who seem disappointed in each of my recent WIP's (and upcoming as well), who think they are all too short, that I make them short on purpose. For reasons such as practicing my introduction basses, sounds, FX, pads, / whatever I can find to make them sound better. That's why I send up so many different WIP's. For Practice - that's why I use newgrounds and ask for reviews.
Soon enough however, I will progress the time and practice toward the breakdown portion of songs, then the release, outro, etc.

Keep your eyes open - I've had some technical difficulty with FL, that I don't really want to waste time describing again. Hopefully I'll get that fixed soon, then continue improving what skills I want to improve. :)


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2010-10-30 14:19:36

dude.. have you already fixed you FL crap ?? :)
since you dont seem to get any newer demo's or wips on this site for a long time now.